Testimonials & Examples of Our Work


We appreciate customer feedback, good or bad. We are always striving to improve our service.

The following quotes are from unsolicited thank you cards and emails. Names are not provided due to solicitor client confidentiality.

"Thanks for your great way with clients. You are so easy to talk to. I would recommend you to everyone."

“Wow! Dwayne sure was good. What a process as compared to the 10 to 15 minute treatment we had with our previous lawyer!” from email forwarded from financial planner who referred his clients to us for Wills & Estate Planning.

"We greatly appreciate your prompt and helpful service."

"Thank you for your timely wills service. You make this job so much easier to manage."

"Thanks for your excellent service. The accompanying material was very useful and much appreciated. Will definitely pass your name on whenever the opportunity arises."

"Thanks to you, an unpleasant task was made easier. I can't even begin to tell you haw much I appreciate your kindness. These last few months have been hell. I'll always remember you and what you have done for me."

"We were so impressed that we've given your name to a few friends. Thanks so much!"

"I want to thank you for your excellent service and the quick response to my questions. We have all our documents - Will, POA as required and we appreciate the way everything was done in the most professional manner. We also appreciate your information sheets and detailed responses which made things easier. I believe you earned your fee and I consider the money well spent for the peace of mind that everything is done legally."

"Just a note to thank you for the excellent work you have done in making my will."

Examples of Our Work

We specialize in Wills, Probate and related areas of law. Over the past 16 years we have helped thousands of customers with Wills, Estate Planning, Probate and Estate Administration.

Wills, Estate Planning & Trusts

We have helped many couples and individuals with estate planning and preparing Wills. Most people have fairly simple situations and wishes, however we have also assisted customers with complicated estate planning. Here are some examples of some more complicated work:

  • Restructuring family businesses in order involve the next generation as shareholders.
  • Establishing family trusts, alter-ego ego trusts and joint partner trusts to reduce income tax and provide for children and grandchildren.
  • Wills & Estate Planning for clients in a second marriage in order to fortify their estate plan from the Wills Variation Act and other claims that could be made by spouses, children and step children.
  • Establishing trusts in Wills to provide for disabled beneficiaries and assisting disabled individuals to arrange their assets (including trusts and RDSPs) in order to maximize government benefits.

Probate, Letters of Administration and Executor Services

Most probate applications are fairly routine. However, if there are problems with the Will or the deceased's assets, the work can be complex. Here are some examples of our more complicated work:

  • Probate of a missing Will: My client's parents had died decades before but all they owned was a house my client was living in. In order to sell the house she needed probate of her father's Will. My client recalled seeing her father's original Will but had misplaced it years ago and did not have a copy. We were able to obtain probate of the father's Will based on a copy of the mother's Will.
  • Avoiding a bad Will: Sometimes the family of a deceased person would be better off if the deceased person had not made a Will at all. When this happens it is often the result of person making his own Will in order to give his estate to his next of kin but doing a very bad job of it. We utilized a court procedure in order to have the court ignore the poorly written Will and have the estate go to the next of kin.
  • Out of town, province, country clients: We have assisted Executors from across the province and around the world with probate applications and managing estate's in British Columbia. Many of our client's have been able to complete their work without ever coming to BC.
  • Minor Beneficiaries: When a young person (under 19 years old) is a beneficiary of an estate, there is extra work involved for the Executor/Administrator. We have assisted many clients with dealing with trusts for minors, interacting with the Public Guardian and Trustee and the other resulting problems.
  • Passing Accounts: Before an Executor/Administrator complete their work, they have to provide the beneficiaries with financial information and have their accounts approved. When there are minor or disabled beneficiaries, or beneficiaries that just won't agree, the Executor/Administrator needs to go to court to have their accounts approved. We are experienced with this process.

Incapacity Planning & Health Care Decision Making

Incapacity planning is easy to do when done voluntarily by a client early on before they lose capacity. We have assisted many clients with Enduring Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements.

Dealing with the loss of capacity after the fact is much more complicated. The main tool is a court procedure called a "Committee Application" whereby a family member applies to the court to have the individual declared incompetent and have their decision making assigned to the family member. We have assisted many clients with this procedure.

Estate Disputes

The best way to avoid estate disputes is to have a good estate plan and Will. We have helped thousands of customers avoid future estate disputes.

Unfortunately, there are situations where a disagreement about an estate arises. We have helped Executors and Administrators deal with claims being made against the estate by family, creditors and others. We have also helped beneficiaries who are unhappy with the Executor/Administrator's work and individuals who feel they have improperly been left out of a deceased person's Will.

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